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Introducing our bestselling David M 12 Whiskey Glass Candle – a sensory masterpiece that transports you to a forest after the rain.


Crafted with precision and care, its earthy and woodsy notes combine with the gentle crackling of the woodwick to create an ambiance of refined serenity.


Experience nature's tranquility in every burn. Elevate your space with our David M 12 Whiskey Glass Candle today.

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    Citrus Fruits



    Burning time


    100% handcrafted in the USA.


    Personalized Packaging is available on request.

    6.0 oz

    Molly M, FL

    I LOVE the candle. Comes in a very elegant box - the crystal holder is beautiful - the candle has a very unique wick - appearance & a soft  scent is wonderful.  

    Just love it!"

    Matt A, NY

    After trying Manifested for us candles for the first, I am in love with it and the adorable whiskey glass look. It will be the only candle I”ll be using in our home. The fragrances are fresh, clean, and perfect. I surprised my brother with one Manifested for us candle for his birthday and he loved the scent and the clean burn of it! 

    Anthony M., IL

    “This gives a taste of heavenly luxurious surrounding. Glamour and gold! The exquisite scents transport you to a realm of sophistication, creating an ambiance of refined elegance. The quality craftsmanship and stylish packaging make these candles a tasteful addition to any space, providing not just illumination but a sensory journey. The best! Love it.”
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