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Sarah Vanille -
Vanilla Black Currant

Introducing Sarah Vanille: Indulge in Luxury with Our Exquisite Vanilla Black Currant Whiskey Glass Candle!

Unleash Pure Elegance: Sarah Vanille Whiskey Glass Candle 

Try our new Sarah Vamille - Vanilla Black Currant for only $39.90 ($57 original price)
It is 30% off until 03/31/2024.

Immerse yourself in the captivating essence of our scented candle – a dance of mysterious musings inspired by an enchanted forest. Moss-covered ancient trees embrace you as elusive spices fill the air. Delicate yet potent, wild orchids linger like a hidden secret. The addition of black currant adds depth and mystery, unveiling a complex and alluring fragrance that transports you to a realm where time slows down. Let the candle guide you through a sensory adventure, revealing the forest's enchantment with every subtle note.

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