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We embrace transparency, quite literally... and not just in our candles!


At Manifested for Us, we meticulously choose the finest materials for crafting each unique candle. The process spans a minimum of 15 days before we even consider sending it your way. Every candle is treated with individual care, ensuring that you receive a product that aligns with your every desire—manifested just for you.


Our journey at Manifested for Us is rooted in the belief in the power of possibility, born from personal triumphs and shared dreams. Having weathered life's storms, including a battle with cancer at 13 and a career in law, we comprehend the importance of manifesting one's desires.


Our story is straightforward: two individuals who discovered strength in adversity and shared a vision of infusing tranquility into everyday life. This inspired us to create Manifested for Us, with the conviction that peace should be a luxury accessible to all.


Enter our whiskey glass candles—a manifestation of resilience and the pursuit of a peaceful life. More than mere products, they embody the soothing crackle of wood and the calming scent of nature with every flicker, offering a moment of pure relaxation.


Come, join us in celebrating life's simple joys. Manifest the peace you deserve with Manifested for Us.​

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